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One of my favorite pictures taken while working on prescribed burns...Ben Robinson walks the fireline. Nikon D300 with Nikon 300mm f4 ISO 400 f4 1/1600th.

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Photography has become an ever increasing passion for me.  I began shooting pictures after receiving a Nikon FG-20 camera and a 50mm 1.8 lens.  My father taught a photography course at the local high school so I quickly learned to develop and print black and white pictures.  When I reached high school, I became a photographer for the yearbook and really started the passion which would be mine for years to come.  Somewhere in there, I upgraded to an Nikon FE2 and added a 105mm lens.

An Interior least tern checks her nest on an island in the Mississippi River in western Kentucky. Nikon D7000 with AFS Nikkor 600mm f/4 VRII. ISO 400, f/7.1; 1/500th

Once I reached college at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, I had the good fortune of working with Dr. James Parnell and Walker Golder.  Both were passionate wildlife photographers.  One day we were out on the beach at Buxton, NC and Dr. Parnell made the mistake of letting me try his 600mm Nikkor lens.  The view was…..well amazing!  I knew at that point I had to find some way to get a “big lens”.  I eventually found a Nikon 500mm f4p lens to my liking and I shot with it for almost 20 years. Recently, I upgraded the old manual focus 500mm for a new AFS Nikkor 600mm f/4 VRII lens. It is truly greatness!

After years of shooting slide film, I’m now a committed digital shooter (of course after swearing I would never change from my beloved film).  I’m now using a Nikon D4 with my older Nikon D300 and D7000 as backups.  The D4 is a marvelous tool and is capable of such amazing things!  I am continuously impressed with its abilities.

To this point, most of my photography has been wildlife or work (wildlife management) related although living in Kentucky, equestrian events have caught my interest.  The bulk of my wildlife photography seems to be mostly birds.  I’m trying to venture out and try new things…but we always seem to run back to things we are comfortable with.  I really love water, and the textures it creates.  I enjoy images which capture water in motion with extremely high shutter speeds.  I’ve also really enjoy photographing fire, in the prescribed fires we use so much in wildlife management.  I tent to shoot the vast majority of my pictures with some form of telephoto lens….and I frequently find that a 300mm is my “standard” lens….and if not it the 70-200 f/2.8VRII.  I do shoot some wide angle and macro images…but I’m just not as comfortable there yet.  I now have a 24mm f/1.4….and the shallow DOF created by this spectacular lens is amazing!  I’ve also purchased a Lens Baby…but I need lots of work with it.

Thanks and enjoy.  I really appreciate any and all comments!!!

John Brunjes


A male Northern Bobwhite sings from a fence in coastal North Carolina. Nikon D7000 with AFS 600mm f/4 VRII. ISO 400, f4, 1/2000th.

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  1. Msmoto says:

    Wow, I saw your post on Nikon Rumors about the 16-35mm lens. And the avatar with the big kahuna….. must be your 500mm I guess. Love the fire shot. This is what I would call a “Keeper”

  2. John Brunjes says:

    Thank you very much! This is one of my favorites as well! I really enjoy shooting the burning. Fire makes an amazing background! I guess I need to update this…I’ve upgraded to a 600mm f/4.

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