The Bears of Cade’s Cove

A black bear searching for something (I assume insects) in the deep grass. Nikon D7000 with AFS Nikkor 600mm F4 VRII.

I took off for Cade’s Cove on Saturday to see if I could catch a few images with the new lens.  For the first time on one of my visits, the bears were definitely out.  I probably saw 4-6 bears each day.  While the bears were plentiful…they were just not as cooperative as I would have liked in my limited time.  I can’t wait to go back when the cherries ripen…It should be awesome!

A black bear cub waits in a poplar tree in Cade's Cove while its mother forages close by.
A female black bear searches for food at Cade's Cove while her cubs play in a tree nearby. Nikon D7000 with 600mm F4. ISO 400; f4 @ 1/2000th.
A black bear feeds at Cade's Cove. Nikon D7000 with 600mmf4. ISO 400; f8 @ 1/640th second.
Sunrise at Cade's cove on Hyatt Lane. Nikon D7000 with 16-35mm f4.
A white-tailed deer in velvet at Cade's Cove. Nikon D7000 with 600mm f4 and SB-900. ISO 400; f4 @ 1/250
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