Scanned Slides

An adult Laughing gull on nest in coastal North Carolina, summer 2009. Nikon D90 with 500mm f4. Fuji Velvia 50 ISO data unrecorded.

Here are a few more old pictures I had scammed by the Scan Cafe.  As I said before, I have been very impressed with the quality of their work.  And the price of $0.19 per slide is amazing!!!!

a white-tailed deer fawn hiding in grass. Summer 1994. Nikon FE2 with 80-200 2.8. Kodachrome 64 data unrecorded.
A chuck-wills widow nesting at the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge in central Georgia. Nikon FE2 with 500mm f4. Kodachrome 64 data unrecorded.
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