Scanned Slides

A white-tailed deer buck in velvet in central Georgia circa 1995. Nikon D90 with 500mm f4 lens. Fuji Velvia @ ISO 80. F4 @ 1/1000th.

I recently got a batch of old slides scanned by the Slide Cafe.  I was so impressed by the job they did, I just sent in a second batch.  Here a few older pictures that I took back in the film days…makes me want to break the F100 and some Velvia out again!!!

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A tri-colored heron nesting in SE North Carolina circa 1990. Nikon FE2 with 500mm f4 and Kodachrome 64. Data unrecorded.
An adult white ibis after a long summer of feeding young. The birds that start out spetacularly white...end up from a grey like this bird to a pure muddy mess circa 1992. Nikon FE2 with 500mmf4 Nikkor and Fuji Velvia. data unrecorded.
Royal and Sandwich terns nest in incredible densities. Here is an example with the shadow of a tern cruising overhead. Nikon FE2 with 24mm 2.8 Nikkor on Kodachrome 64 converted to B&Win Photoshop. Data unrecorded.
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  1. Joby says:

    Go Velvia! I just got some for my medium format camera. Can’t wait to see what it can do. Plain color film looks great so far.

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