Flying the Quad

One of my fun diversions this summer was the use of a R/C quad copter to take a few aerial shots. I've attached a GoPro camera to the quad with some good success. This is a shot of an approaching thunderstorm. GoPro III Silver.


I have had the great luck to become friends with Troy Pinkston who owns Big Blue Hobbies in Lexington Kentucky.  One day in preparing our R/C boats for the upcoming goose banding season, Troy sold me on the idea of a RC helicopter to shoot pictures.  He built me a quad to “wet my feet”.  Unfortunately I was way too uncoordinated to fly the thing (I’m definitely not Xbox generation).  With the addition of DJI’s Naza M GPS guidance, I was finally able to put the copter to good use.  It is amazing how much easier it is to fly now.  There are some great options out there…but I highly reccommend you go see Troy for some guidance.  I am hooked….for me the only question is how to get “bigger and better”.


An aerial shot at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. GoPro III Silver.


One of my highest flights over my house in Frankfort, KY. I don't know the exact height but it was several hundred feet. GoPro III Silver.


A late afternoon flight. GoPro III Silver.


Another shot of the approaching storm. GoPro III Silver.
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